Strategic impact that makes the difference

IMWF provides insights for strategic and operational management in press relations, marketing and risk management. Worldwide. Highly condensed. Guiding for our clients actions.

The basis for this is the worldwide public communication on brands, companies and institutions on 438 million websites. In 130 languages. In Germany alone, the IMWF continuously analyses the public communication on 27,000 brands and companies, as well as on 4,000 political actors. Every day, IMWF evaluates millions of statements and uses specially developed artificial intelligence tools to do so. This makes IMWF one of the leading providers of AI-based content analysis in Europe.

This „social-listening“ is condensed by the IMWF analysis team into strategic and operative recommendations for action. Our claim is the condensation down to the decisive. And that in an extremely timely manner, to support our clients reaction-speed in the best waypossible.

Map of media analysis providers

The International School of Management has developed a map of media analysis providers. IMWF clearly stands out from the competition with its broad media focus and analyses strongly oriented towards client interests.

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