In the vice of profit and sustainabilityWarum Nachhaltigkeitsreputation für Unternehmen überlebenswichtig wird

Sustainability reputation is becoming a critical success factor for companies. On the one hand, because regulatory requirements are forcing top decision-makers to change their business models and processes. On the other hand, society’s expectations of companies are changing drastically. B2C and B2B communication are now being joined by B2S communication: business-to-society communication.

The authors highlight the major regulatory, political, and social lines of development facing companies and their top decision makers. And they use numerous practical examples to show how companies should respond to this new situation, especially in terms of communication. This makes this book a valuable practical guide for decision-makers in management and communications. After all, the tectonic shifts in society’s expectations of sustainable action are not only a risk for companies – but at least as big an opportunity.

Nachhaltigkeitsreputation | IMWF Verlag

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