Some things are so obvious that you don’t see them anymore. As absurd as this statement may seem, it is correct when analyzing global communications to companies, brands and institutions. Hundreds of thousands and millions of statements make it impossible to get a clear view of the relevant essence – and to derive clear recommendations for action. This is the mission of the IMWF: We provide insights for decision-makers in companies.

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IMWF Insights | Unternehmenskommunikation

Press offices and marketing departments

At six in the morning, press offices and marketing departments receive detailed, daily analyses of their media situation, reputation and image. In addition, IMWF provides evaluations on client-specific issues, be it actor and influencer analyses, crisis monitoring, communication environment analyses and much more. Crucial for us is the eagle eye on the media situation – in contrast to countless individual publications that clipping services or social media monitoring services deliver without actionable condensation.

Sample videos

Take a look at examples of what analyses and recommendations for action are possible with IMWF data:

Risk Management

Risk management receives compliance, ESG or supply chain monitoring and benefits from a global analytics system that is far more responsive and powerful than human monitoring thanks to artificial intelligence. These systems are also significantly cheaper due to digitization, so that companies can meet new regulatory requirements with a reasonable budget – without building up large personnel capacities, which are incomparably more expensive than the use of artificial intelligence.

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