Which companies fulfill the wishes of their customers particularly well

  • Study analyzes 21,000 brands and companies in Germany

Hamburg, 16.02.2022 – If you want to have satisfied and loyal customers, you first have to fulfill their wishes. Leading in their branch of industry are, for example, the producer of baby food Hipp , the car brand Smart and the supplier of men’s clothing Bugatti . This is shown by the study “Exemplary fulfilled customer wishes”. On behalf of Focus Money and Deutschland-Test, the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) examined around 21,000 brands and companies. In the process 46 million Online mentions were assigned to the categories of visibility, information coverage and performance fulfillment and evaluated. More than 2,500 companies were particularly convincing and can look forward to receiving an award.

One of these award-winning companies is Hipp. The manufacturer of baby food from Pfaffenhofen ander Ilm in Upper Bavaria is ahead in its sector and has received an award for fulfilling customer wishes for the second time in a row. Founded in 1932, the company stands for high quality in harmony with nature and guarantees this, among other things, through its own organic seal, which exceeds the requirements of the European Union. The baby food manufacturers Bebivita and Milupa follow directly behind Hipp .

In the cars segment, Smart occupies the top spot. The brand, which is part of the Mercedes-Benz Group, also receives the award for exemplary fulfillment of customer wishes for the second time in a row. Since 2020, the small cars have been manufactured exclusively with electric motors, thus enabling sustainable mobility. Smart is followed by e.Go, another brand from the electromobility sector. The manufacturer of the Stromer is the company Next. e.GO Mobile, based in Aachen, Germany. Third place goes to Porsche.

333 companies fulfill customer wishes in the long term

The industry winner in the menswear sector is Bugatti. The textile manufacturer, headquartered in Herford in eastern Westphalia, has received an award for the exemplary fulfillment of customer wishes for the third time in a row. Founded in 1947, the family business offers modern fashion and is committed to sustainable production. They are followed by menswear manufacturers Baldessarini and Roy Robson.

If you want to retain customers, you have to meet their expectations over the long term. 333 companies show how this can be done. In 2022, they were all honored for the third time in a row. According to the survey, companies such as Carglass, Check24, Lego, Shell, Skoda and Puma consistently fulfill customer wishes.

Background information

For the seal study “Exemplary fulfilled customer wishes2022”, the IMWF examined social media posts on around 21,000 companies and brands and evaluated the categories of visibility, information coverage and performance fulfillment.In the first step of the data collection, the study partner UbermetricsTechnologies searched the Internet including social media (a total of 438 million public online sources) for public posts in which thecompanies and brands were mentioned. 46 million responses from the survey period from November 1, 2020, to October 31, 2021, were sent to the Big Data specialists skaylink, where they were analyzed using artificial intelligence methods. neural networks were used to assign the companies’ responses to the topics of visibility, information coverage, and performance fulfillment, and to perform a sentiment analysis with regard to a positive, neutral, or negative tone. Finally, the results were evaluated on an industry-specific basis on an index scale of 0 to 100 points. The categories of information coverage and performance fulfillment were weighted at 40 percent each, and visibility at 20 percent. The best in each sector received 100 points and thus set the benchmark for all other companies examined within the same category. The seal “Exemplary fulfilled customer wishes” was awarded to companies and brands that achieved at least 75 points in the overall ranking of their industry and had at least 10 mentions in the observation period.

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