CommTech success factor

CommTech success factorDie digitale Transformation der Unternehmenskommunikation

This book describes how communications departments can digitize their processes to successfully contribute to the value creation of their companies in the future. More than 30 renowned industry experts and scientists provide a fundamental insight into the topic, create market transparency, describe implementation strategies, and describe their experiences with specific IT and communications projects.

Among other things, the following questions will be answered: Why is the digitization of corporate communications mandatory and not optional? Which data promises the greatest success? What are optimal solutions for KPI reporting and data visualization? What role does data storytelling play and how can artificial intelligence help? Which roles and skills will be important in the future? Plus: an overview of the most important tools and trends as well as everything crucial on the subject of data protection and media law.

The content

  • Introduction, conceptual foundations, definitions
  • Fields of action and areas of application: stakeholder journey, KPIs, reporting,
  • Data Storytelling, Media Analytics
  • Technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Tools, Software, Services
  • Competencies and frameworks: Skills, change management, agile structures, data protection as a challenge
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The contributions

  • Why companies need to hit the ground running when it comes to the digital transformation of their communications (Thomas Mickeleit)
  • CommTech and the Digital Transformation of Communication Departments: Conceptual Foundations and Empirical Findings (Ansgar Zerfass & Jana Brockhaus).
  • Communications is Not Immune to Digital Disruption (Jon Iwata & Thomas Mickeleit)
  • CommTech: Increasing the Impact of Communication with the Stakeholder Journey: Data-driven Dialog with Diverse Stakeholders (Thomas Mickeleit, Klaus Treichel, Sarah Ellmann & Marie Sophie Groß).
  • Data-driven management of corporate communications with CommTech: From data and key figures to KPIs and reporting (Christina Rettig, Antonia Eidner, Oliver Loenker & David Willmes)
  • Holistic Data Storytelling: A Framework for Individualized, Efficient and Effective Communication with Stakeholders (Annette Siragusano, Lena Wouters, Christian Krause, Paul Peters, Valentina Wiedemann, Yannick Houdard & Birgit Schiller).
  • Media Analytics – No CommTech without Data: Making the Impact of Corporate Communications Visible along the Stakeholder Journey (Jörg Forthmann & Lothar Rolke)
  • The perfect communication engine: integrated, topic-centric, data-driven: What Communicators Want from CommTech Tool Developers (Barbara Bossmann, Christopher Storck, Thomas Massmann, Meike Ostermeier, Richard Tigges & Christof Schmid).
  • Artificial Intelligence in Corporate Communications: Areas of Application, Opportunities, Challenges and Ethical Guidelines (Andreas Rossbach, Andreas Quest & Volker Markus Banholzer)
  • Data Analysts? Desperately Wanted: There is a shortage of experts in the engine room of digital transformation – a survey shows what needs to be done (Christoph Hardt)
  • CommTech and Internal Communication: Mindset, Guiding Questions and Implementation Recommendations for Digitization in IC (Oliver Nissen)
  • Data Protection as a Challenge for CommTech (Tanja Iron, Kai Nungesser, Alexander Eichler, Tarmio Frei & Gerrit Woltemate)

The editors

Thomas Mickeleit is a communications consultant for digital transformation and head of the CommTech working group. Previously, he was head of communications for 15 years and
Member of the management team at Microsoft Germany, where he successfully drove forward the digitization of communication processes in a newsroom.

Jörg Forthmann is Managing Director of the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research and Head of Media Analytics Projects in the CommTech AG. Forthmann is an expert in crisis communications and strategic corporate communications.

Updates and further information


Digital transformation is a dynamic process, driven and accelerated by technological developments and their adaptation in companies and organizations of all kinds. A book that addresses these issues is thus part of this dynamic. New knowledge changes processes, structures and cultures faster than books can be printed and updated. For example, since January 2023, the CommTech WG has been working on numerous initiatives that address specific issues relating to the digitization of communications functions. The findings from this are to be updated. Therefore, in the future, this space will contain updates on issues addressed by the articles in this book and other topics in the same context.

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