Service does not equal service. Where others are content with mediocrity, IMWF stands for quality as part of the Faktenkontor-Group and feels connected to it’s mission: Excellence creates value.

Please do not expect IMWF to deliver a highly automated „factory standard“ without regard to the individual needs of the client. It is important to us, to understand your knowledge interests down to the details and to deliver upon your demand.
Practical and action-oriented.

Some things are so obvious that they become invisible. As paradoxical as that assessment may seem, it is correct when analysing the worldwide communication on companies, brands and institutions. Millions of diverse statements make it impossible to get a clear view on the relevant essentials and deduce precise recommendations for action. This is the Mission of IMWF: We provide ad-hoc insights for company managers.

Press offices and marketing departments receive detailed, daily and topical analyses of their media situation, reputation and image at six in the morning. Additionally IMWF provides evaluation on custom questions like: Actor and influencer analyses, crisis-related monitoring, communication environment analyses and much more. The eagle eye on the media situation is crucial for us – contrary to countless individual publications, provided by clipping services and social media monitoring services without action-oriented condensation.

Get to know our analyses via the free "PRformance" app. Every morning, the app provides you with shortdaily analyses of your company, benchmarked with your competitors.

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Risk management includes compliance, ESG or supply chain monitoring and benefits from a global analytics system that is far more responsive and powerful than human monitoring thanks to artificial intelligence. These systems are also significantly cheaper due to extensive digitalisation, allowing companies to react quickly to new regulatory requirements.