BCI: Emergency & Crisis Communications Report

The Business Continuity Institute has released the seventh edition of its “Emergency and Crisis Communications Report.” This is intended to help companies compare their tools, plans and processes, but also to stimulate discussion. It also provides best practices for designing and implementing crisis management plans.

This year’s report shows a significant shift in the way organizations manage their emergency and crisis communications. For example, new technologies are changing communication, collaboration and action. 70.5 percent of organizations use digital tools or software to manage emergency communications in times of crisis. In addition, SaaS solutions are continuously on the rise: SaaS is now used by 81 percent. Furthermore, the report shows that the smartphone is the most popular device and e-mail is still the most popular means of communication at 70.6 percent. However, the results also illustrate the following: Often, organizations are unable to initiate effective responses because employees are not regularly trained in tools and processes or contact information is stored in documents on different devices. For those interested in learning more, the full report can be found here.