Capgemini: Data-driven organizations

Capgemini’s study “Data-Driven Organizations” focuses on data-driven change management and the resulting added value for organizations. It will look at the current state of organizations in terms of data-driven action, its application in change management, and its impact on change success. It is based on a survey of more than 1,000 specialists and managers from Europe, the USA and the Asia-Pacific region.

The results show that comprehensive data analysis improves the level of informedness of employees (+19%), professional change communication (+20%) and trust in the organization (+18%). In addition, data-driven organizations are 23% to 27% more likely, on average, to achieve successful change. In this context, change success increases due to high data maturity (+27%), data-driven leadership (+23%), and a data-driven corporate culture (+26%). Other findings of the study include: Change leadership is the name of the game – executives must recognize, leverage and communicate the benefits of data use. In addition, data competence and transparency as well as data ownership are essential for smart change. For those who want to learn more and get more detailed information about the steps to Data Mastery, the full study can be found online.