CIPR: Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and the impact on public relations (PR) practices.

CIPR’s report provides the most comprehensive overview to date of the use of AI in the PR industry. It shows that there are now 5,800 technological tools with potential applications in PR – whether in planning, measurement, reporting or management. Even though AI is present in only two percent of the tools originally studied, the range of available tools and technologies has grown rapidly since January 2023, following the release of the ChatGPT dataset in late November 2022. Because these have the potential to impact every aspect of PR work, it is imperative that communications leaders develop a better understanding of the potential applications and limitations of AI and other technologies.

The first part of the report examines the current tool landscape for the PR industry. This is based on analysis of the Chiefmartec dataset created by Scott Brinker. In the second part, we will highlight the explosive development of communication, PR & marketing tools resulting from GPT-3 Large Language Model & other related AI-based tools. In addition, the authors call for urgent attention to the ethical issues raised by the rapid growth of AI. The full report is available free of charge.