Cision: State of the Media Report 2022

As part of the 13th State of the Media Report, Cision surveyed more than 3,800 journalists from over 2,000 newsrooms worldwide. Here, 600 of the respondents were from Germany. The study provides valuable information about the current challenges, wishes and needs of journalists and the impact of these on the cooperation with PR professionals.

In Germany, for example, social media are becoming increasingly relevant for journalists. They are mainly used for interacting with the target audience, publishing content and monitoring events. Facebook is particularly popular for this, followed by LinkedIn and Instagram. Also interesting: 38% of respondents would like to see, for example, press releases on product launches, in addition to suggested topics in text form, also data from PR professionals that show trends or highlight problems that the product can solve for the reader. In addition, 65.7% of journalists expect data and expert positions to be made available when needed. Those who want to learn more can download the study free of charge.

To change this, the report formulates recommendations on how the profession can move forward in terms of policy and practice. For example, it is imperative that AI, Big Data, and the fundamental structural change that accompanies them become part of a strategic discussion among practitioners. For more tips, recommendations and exciting insights, it’s worth taking a closer look.