Deloitte: Chief Transformation Officer Study 2022

Leading companies see social, economic and technological upheaval as an opportunity to change themselves. Be it by driving innovation, simplifying processes or accelerating growth. Transformation is no longer seen as a discrete reaction to individual events. Rather, it is an enterprise-wide capability that should be embedded in the DNA of every organization – the only way to enable continuous and effective change. The Monitor Deloitte Chief Transformation Officer Study 2022 provides insights from more than 300 leaders across industries and geographies. In doing so, she sheds light on what it takes to make transformation projects effective. For example, the budget allocation shows that a disproportionately large share goes to technology and processes (66%) and only a small share to change management and communications (10%). This is a problem, because it is precisely such “soft factors” that are crucial for acceptance, behavioral change and trust in the project – and without these, transformation projects quickly threaten to fail. To gain helpful information for developing and strengthening transformation capabilities in your own company, it is worth taking a closer look at the study.