Future Today Institute: Tech and Science Trends Report 2022

The Tech and Science Trends Report by futurist Amy Webb is eagerly awaited each year. Based on scientific methods, it informs about possible scenarios of technological developments and explains the societal implications. This year’s report is dedicated to the topic of ‘Re-Perception’ – the ability to filter something new out of existing information. It consists of 13 individual reports dealing with different thematic focal points such as Artificial Intelligence , Metaverse/Web 3 and Synthetic Biology deal For example, it shows that AI is permanently changing our perception of reality. Another report also takes up the methodology used as well as the instruments used. The report is supplemented by 30 visual scenariosthat vividly show what our future could look like. In combination with the additionally included Recommendations for boards, executives, strategy and innovation teams, the report provides valuable technical and scientific information that should definitely be heeded. The full report is available free of charge until 20.04.2022. After that, only a summary and the Key Findings are available without payment.