Hubspot & Talkwalker: Social Media Trends 2022

The Social Media Trends Study by Hubspot and Talkwalker defines ten trends for the year 2022. One key finding: customers (still) call the shots. To survive as a brand, it is therefore essential to listen carefully and respond to the respective needs. This is possible by using data to get closer to one’s own target group. Consumer insights provide information on why the company’s own products are bought or rejected, what the brand’s reputation is and how the purchase decision process works. Data allows us to gain a better understanding of behavior, decisions and desires – and this data is available. They just need to be used. AI-powered digital consumer intelligence tools then help evaluate them. This allows trends and patterns to be identified, which help in making strategic decisions. In this way, the customers’ requirements are met in the best possible way. An exciting study that not only makes clear how companies should act in order to be successful, but also provides inspiring best practices at the same time.