Marie-Christine Schindler: Insight into the role-based organization of a newsroom

The newsroom concept plays an important role in many companies when it comes to organizing communication in the best possible and most efficient way. But how should the way of working within the newsroom be organized? Marie-Christine Schindler provides a possible answer to this in her latest blog post. Based on her exchange with Alice Chalupny from the Swiss Mobiliar insurance company, she describes why hierarchical structures in newsrooms reach their limits and how the change towards a role-based organization can look like. The formation (new) value-creating and clearly defined roles – based on the holocracy model, for example – is of crucial importance here. In order not to lose the overview, it is also worthwhile to use technology such as the cloud-based tool Peerdom. Other key topics include the introduction of a Theme House and the development of an impact monitoring . The developments at Mobiliar show the potential that newsrooms will continue to hold in the future. In short: An exciting article for anyone who wants to take a closer look at CommTech and newsrooms or is looking for input for their own newsrooms.