mynewdesk: State of Nordic PR & Communication

In an increasingly complex and unpredictable world, the importance of trusted PR and communications has never been more important. Therefore, mynewdesk’s annual report “State of Nordic PR & Communication” deals with the most important and critical topics for communication managers. Using a global trend analysis, six expert interviews, and a survey of 450 PR and communications professionals, the report identifies five areas that will most influence work in the industry in 2023. These can be assigned to two thematic blocks: Come Together and Less but better .

For more meaningful, efficient and trustworthy PR and communications, the industry needs to come together in a number of areas: For example, giving employees a sense of security in the workplace, having its dialogue with target audiences instead of a monologue, using AI wisely, and creating data transparency between departments. In line with the motto “less is more,” communications managers should also focus on fewer platforms and formats. This creates the financial and creative freedom to improve the quality of content and deliver understandable as well as trustworthy messages. Anyone who wants to learn more can download the report free of charge.