Six times “Highest Reputation”: These companies are Sextuplet winners!

Social listening study: artificial intelligence reveals public opinion on companies from 276 industries

Hamburg, May 03, 2022 – The management consulting firm
BearingPoint , the Carglass -car repair shops, the toy retailer MyToys . Fundamentally different businesses, but with one major thing in common: No other company currently enjoys a better reputation in their respective industries in the eye of the public – and like only seven other companies, they have been awarded a seal for “Highest Reputation” for the sixth time in a row by Focus Money as part of its Germany test. The “Sextuplet Winners” have thus been continuously represented in the top group of the IMWF study series of the same name since the beginning. Over a period of twelve months, the Institute for Management and Economic Research investigates and compares the reputation of companies and brands in the public online discourse with regard to the quality of their products and services, their attractiveness as an employer, the performance of their management, and their profitability and sustainability. For the current edition, 438 million public online sources including editorial offerings and social media were screened with the help of artificial intelligence with regard to the reputation of around 14,500 companies and brands in the period from March 01, 2021 to February 28, 2022. In the course of this social listing analysis, 1,525 companies from 276 industries qualified for the “Highest Reputation” seal.

In consumer-related lines of business, in addition to
MyToys and Carglass four other industry winners the seal for “Highest Reputation” for the sixth time in a row. As the best online mail order company Zalando Reason to shout with happiness. Even if you should not rest on it, the store known as Dänisches Bettenlager has Known mattresses dealers Jsyk over an equally thick reputation cushion. When it comes to everything from televisions to home theater systems, no competitor enjoys more prestige than Panasonic , and in the area of mortgage finance Interhyp is at the top of the list in terms of public opinion.

Good reputation with letter and seal in business Business-to-business

Including BearingPoint, four industry winners in the B2B sector filled up their seal sextuplet with the current survey. The traditional Bavarian company Rohde & Schwarz, which focuses on industrial customers, sets the standard for measurement technology providers in terms of corporate reputation. In the field of automation and systems technology, the Swiss global corporation ABB, represented at various locations in Germany with around 8,500 employees, electrifies public opinion the most. At the top of the real estate industry’s reputation league is Patrizia AG from Augsburg, which operates for institutional investors and is worth billions.

The five facets of good reputation

“The success of any company rises and falls with its reputation. This has been true not only since the triumph of social media – but even more so since then,” warns Jörg Forthmann, social listing expert and managing partner of IMWF. “Key to a strong corporate reputation: good performance in all five dimensions crucial to a good reputation – product quality, profitability, sustainability, management and as an employer. “Role models for this can now be found in the complete list of companies awarded the “Highest Reputation” seal by Focus Money at

Background information

For the “Highest Reputation 2022” study, 438 million German and German-language public online sources, including editorial pages and social media, were searched for mentions of around 14,500 of the largest companies and brands in Germany in the period from March 01, 2021 to February 28, 2022. Around 14 million hits were then analyzed using artificial intelligence methods and the companies’ mentions were assigned to the five reputation-relevant topics of profitability, sustainability, product and service quality, as well as management performance and attractiveness as an employer, and subjected to a sentiment analysis with regard to a positive, neutral or negative tone.

Based on the results, the reputation of the companies was first determined individually for the five reputation dimensions and then summarized into an overall value for each company. The assessment is carried out on an industry-specific basis on an index scale of 0 to 100 points. The company with the strongest reputation in each industry was awarded 100 points, thus setting the benchmark for all its competitors, whose performance in relation to the industry leader is mapped on this scale. Companies that scored at least 60 points in the overall ranking within their industry qualified for the “Highest Reputation” seal. A total of 1,525 companies from 276 industries succeeded in doing so – from billing service providers to mechanical and plant engineering to sugar manufacturers.

The “Highest Reputation” study was carried out by the IMWF for the sixth time in a row, with scientific support from the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI).

IMWF – Institute for Management and Economic Research

The IMWF was founded out of the experience that the results of scientific elaborations and market analyses often do not have sufficient practical relevance for decision makers in the economy. As a result, corporate support for scientific institutions often falls short of the chairs’ expectations. Against this background, the IMWF sees itself as a platform on which contacts are established between science and companies interested in well-founded processing of relevant management and business topics. IMWF provides insights for strategic and operational management in press relations, marketing and risk management. Worldwide. High density. Guiding action for our customers. The basis for this is all public communication about brands, companies and institutions on 438 million websites worldwide. In 130 languages. In Germany alone, the IMWF continuously analyzes communications with 27,000 brands and companies and 4,000 political actors. Every day, the IMWF evaluates millions of statements using specially developed artificial intelligence tools. This makes IMWF one of the leading providers of AI-based content analysis in Europe. The IMWF analysis team condenses the millions of communications into strategic and operational recommendations for action. Our claim is to condense to the essential. And we do this in an extremely timely manner to best support our customers’ speed of response. The preparation of comprehensive seal studies has been audited and certified by the International School of Management ISM.

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