Woerner, Weill & Sebastian: Future ready – The four pathways to capturing digital value

MIT researchers Stephanie Woerner, Peter Weill, and Ina Sebastian have found in their years of work with executives around the world that while they knew they needed to transform their organizations, they lacked a coherent framework and common language. As a result, many companies are embarking on the digital transformation journey without knowing exactly what they want and how to create and capture digital value. The consequence: waste of resources, increase of effort and complexity as well as causing disruptions. This is exactly what the book “Future ready – The four pathways to capturing digital value” aims to avoid. It provides a powerful and field-tested framework for being a top performer in the digital economy.

Currently, only 22% of the companies surveyed worldwide are ‘future ready’ and among the top performers. The largest proportion (51%) can be classified under the heading ‘Silos and Spaghetti’, with a further 20% ‘Integrated Experience’ and 7% accounted for by ‘Industrialized’. For all those who want to become ‘future ready’, it is worth taking a closer look at the book. Examples, analyses, graphics and evaluations provide helpful tips and information.