Communication success

Prove communication successStichhaltig verifizierbare und belastbare Erfolgsmessung

The IMWF analysis team condenses the millions of communications into strategic and operational recommendations for action. Dabei geht es um nichts Geringeres als das große Ganze, die synergetische Zusammenführung von Fakten und KPI-Analyse im operativen Geschäft für den Unternehmenswert. While communicators typically measure their communication success with KPIs such as comms visibility, voicing, media response or share of voice, management focuses on purely economic key figures.

Cross-level reality is that the entities find themselves on two different planets. Find out in this white paper how the consideration and evaluation of KPIs are interlinked in a compatible and equally heterogeneous manner and how they are prioritized in a congruent manner for communication success from input to outflow.

DPRG impact level model developed further for practical useKonzeptionell um die interne Kommunikation erweitert

The DPRG has already considered the impact level model for bridging the gap between communicative and business KPIs, but has not yet incorporated it into the working structure. What is missing for working with results chains is practical standardization.

Find out more here about how the performance measurement system developed by the CommTech working group is based on the DRPG’s KPI system for external communication and the DPRG/ICV reference framework, while at the same time reflecting the specific challenges of internal communication and taking them to the next level. We explain how the customer, potential specialists and current employees are all brought on board.

How communication success is made visible with an open mindZielführende Ansätze detailliert auf den Prüfstand gestellt

Evaluated facts speak the decisive language in the context of corporate and communication success, without taking away the necessary freedom for the creativity required for contemporary, sustainable and future-proof branding. Which analytically based data flows into the reporting and how consistently the results and calls to action that can be derived from this are generated are aspects in which all entities, from the communications department to the recruiting managers to the management, must pursue a uniform strategy.

This white paper examines in detail key aspects such as the corporate culture message in the external image, the CI that is practiced, active funnel and content marketing that is rewarded equally by customers and potential candidates for vacant positions and various other target-oriented approaches.

Free whitepaper on the topic: "Proving the success of your communication"

Compulsory analysis program: Measuring communication successKommunikationserfolg nachweisen und das Reputations-CI stützen

The fact that success in communication has a positive effect on branding and subsequently on value creation is not a new message. On the other hand, how the topic actually manages the transformation from theory to operational practicability is just one of the business and socio-economic aspects for which we provide the necessary knowledge. For example, the question of how editorial content with a workflow-securing and sustainable, far-sighted structure is reflected in concrete communication success and subsequently manifests the company’s value positively and sustainably.

We also discuss which analytically sound data is incorporated into the reporting and which consistent interpretation can be used to derive results and calls to action, for example to optimize the company’s reputation as an exemplary and desirable employer. Ultimately, it is a guide to how corporate communication works in the changing world of digitalization. In addition to employee satisfaction and the correlating identification factor, what contribution does communication make to revenue generation and company value? This white paper provides well-founded answers.

The content of the white paper:

  • How communication successes can be proven conclusively
  • Standardization of results chains for practical use
  • How success in external communication can be measured
  • How the KPI framework can be operationalized and reduced to the essentials
  • What measurable contribution communication makes with response contributions
  • How corporate communication affects the value of a company
  • The potential of value-oriented management of internal comms
  • How targeted reporting is constituted along the impact levels
  • What brand value contributes to reputation as an employer

Download the white paper and speak the language of managementProfitieren von der Kernexpertise der IMWF inspriring Insights

Take the tried and tested knowledge with you into your everyday work and raise the demonstrable and verifiable communication success with the highest relevance between input, output, outcome and outflow to the next level of quality. Communication success is measurable. Click here to download the white paper free of charge. Immediately afterwards in your mailbox:

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