Althaller communication: B2B Social Media Study 2022

The 12th edition of the study ‘Social Media in B2B Communication’ provides answers to how last year’s social media trends have developed and what future developments are on the horizon. It also shows what the B2B community expects from social media. For this purpose, 750 companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland were surveyed – across all industries and regardless of company size. One key finding: leadership behavior in B2B companies has changed significantly for the first time. Under the heading of ‘self-empowerment’, employees are given more freedom, but are also confronted with greater responsibility. Here, differences between cooperative, authoritarian and laissez-faire managed companies become apparent. In addition, social media is increasingly establishing itself as an independent ecosystem in communication with stakeholders. Which channels are used for this depends on the relevant target group. While LinkedIn is particularly attractive for communication with business partners, Instagram can be used for the general public and influencers, and Facebook for cooperation partners. Also of interest: KPIs have become less important compared to the previous year. Anyone who would like to learn more about this can download the study free of charge.