Artificial intelligence as a driver of change in corporate communications 4.0?

Volker M. Banholzer is a professor at the Technical University of Nuremberg. There he heads the bachelor’s program in technical journalism/technical PR.

Already published in 2020 and just under 50 pages long, the paper is a good resource and inspiration for the advancement of the profession for many reasons. Thus, it insightfully traces the changing demands on communication that go far beyond the application of AI in corporate communications. For companies (and their communications), this means that today it is no longer just about achieving reputation, but about stakeholder relationships and the formation of “relational capital”. Technology and AI in particular are the technical response to these changes. Bannholzer vividly conveys the theoretical and practical consequences of the “hypercompetition for attention” using practical examples and scenarios such as command centers, automated content production, chatbots or the personalization of messages in real time. Worth reading and useful. The paper can be downloaded free of charge here.