Edelmann: Trust in Technology

Based on data from 15,000 respondents across 15 markets in September 2022, the “Trust in Technology” Special Report analyzes how trust in the technology sector has changed. As a result, while product innovation and competence have ensured a high level of trust in recent years, this is now being jeopardized by various forces. These include, for example, increasing geopolitical challenges, a growing gap between developing and developed countries, and a lack of social and societal leadership skills.

The report clearly shows that tech companies need to do more than just perform. 68 percent of respondents believe they should provide funding to retrain workers whose jobs are displaced by technology. CEOs are also expected to demonstrate empathy and social leadership skills. People today want more than just interactive product updates – climate change solutions, for example. However, in the developed world, only 44% of respondents believe that technology companies are currently run by people who care about the well-being of society. Also problematic: Only 45% of respondents are convinced that tech companies handle the issue of data security and privacy well. The full study, with more interesting numbers as well as a proposal for a new way to promote trust in tech, is available for free at