HubSpot & Mynewsdesk: PR & Communication in Germany

The annual report from HubSpot and Mynewsdesk highlights the most important topics in the German PR and communications industry. To identify trends and opportunities for 2023 and the coming years, trend analyses, a quantitative survey of 150 PR and communications professionals, and six expert interviews were conducted. One thing is clear: trustworthy PR and communications are essential in times of pandemic, war and economic uncertainty. 60 percent of respondents say that corporate communications has become more important in their company as a result.

The findings of the report can be divided into two blocks: More togetherness and quality instead of quantity. Thus, more togetherness is a necessary basis for efficient and trustworthy PR and communication. For this purpose, for example, data transparency must be created and common data interests must be coordinated within a company. In addition, it is important to use the potential of AI to increase interaction and discussion with target groups and to optimize content production. The issue of quality rather than quantity is also about critically questioning the expansion of one’s own presence on various channels and communicating responsibly. Those who want to learn more can download the report free of charge.