Kienbaum & ada: Leadership in the Age of Technologically Assisted Decision-Making

Who actually bears the responsibility when AI makes the decision? Kienbaum and ada answer these and other questions in their study on leadership and artificial intelligence. To do this, they surveyed both executives and professionals who have to deal with technology-assisted decision making – more than 500 people in all.

One key finding: while 53% of respondents find AI strategically relevant, only 17% of executives and 4% of professionals say the potential is being exploited in their companies. Accordingly, the integration of AI has not been very successful so far. Reasons for this include fear of losing control and the perception of limited autonomy. It also shows that although decisions are partly supported by technology, for example in the case of present-oriented analyses (56%) or decision proposals (66%), humans generally make the final decision. Human intelligence remains essential and a symbiosis with AI is the future. However, this requires the appropriate specialist personnel, which only 41% of companies currently have. The full study is available free of charge.