RYZE Digital, VRM & SCM: Trend Monitor Hybrid IC 2023

Currently, many organizations are undergoing a cultural shift toward new-work concepts. Features of these concepts include flexibility & self-determination through remote work, a better work-life balance, and a sense of purpose and self-realization at work. But also: leadership cultures characterized by democracy, agility & adaptivity. The Trend Monitor Hybrid IC 2023 looks at the role of internal communications in the age of New Work. In doing so, he examines the current progress of the digitization of IC, the attitude toward and previous establishment of new-work concepts, and their practicality.

The results make it clear that IC is at the forefront of work culture. 67% of respondents state that New Work as a change project must be adequately accompanied by IC. 20% see modern, digital and hybrid IC as a basic prerequisite for successful establishment. In terms of the current state of establishment, it shows that 13% of the organizations surveyed have fully implemented New Work and 55% are on their way there. For 11%, New Work plays no role. The reasons given include: No interest on the part of management (32%) and lack of fit with the corporate culture (23%). Also interesting: only 34% of organizations currently evaluate their digital channels. 39% have data but do not analyze it and 20% do not collect any data at all. The full study is available free of charge.