Seven Content Tools for the Newsroom – Marie-Christine Schindler’s Blog

Those faced with the task of procuring a newsroom planning tool easily get lost. This is due to the large number of different tools, their different focal points in the value chain and thus a broad feature set. You cannot be really sure until the tool has been put through its paces in an intensive test in an operational system (not a test environment). Usability as well as performance factors play a major role. For time reasons alone, a good pre-selection is important. Marie-Christine Schindler’s blog post, which is well worth reading, helps with this, providing just a good overview of the existing features and application spectrums of seven of the best-known newsroom tools. The article also gives an outlook on the further development of the tools. This is significant because most vendors are relatively new to the market and quickly adapt their tools to meet customer requirements. Those who want to know exactly can also exchange ideas with other PR practitioners in the UAG Newsroom Tools of the CommTech WG, which is currently being founded. If interested mail to: