Statista: Content Marketing Trend Study 2022

What is the status quo? Which trends and technologies are currently playing an important role? What are the goals of companies and what are the success factors to consider? These questions about content marketing are answered by the Trend Study 2022, which Statista conducted together with the Content Marketing Forum e.V. and the Content Marketing Conference. In doing so, it also provides interesting insights in the context of CommTech. For example, almost three quarters of B2B companies want to publish more content, compared to just over half of B2C companies. In addition, 69 percent of respondents from B2B companies consider their content strategy to be successful (B2C: 70 percent). The fact that this success is probably rather assumed and not really proven can also be deduced from the study: Only 31 percent of B2B companies have a concept for measuring success – for example, with the help of budgets, clearly defined communication goals and responsibilities. In the B2C sector, 41 percent already use KPIs. For successful strategic communication, it is not enough just to increase output. The return on investment must be measured precisely – and outcome and impact should not be forgotten. The complete Content Marketing Trend Study 2022 is available here: