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  • Reuters Institute | Digital News Report. 2023
    Reuters Institute: Digital News Report 2023

    The 12th edition of the Digital News Report is based on data from six continents and 46 markets. For this purpose, an online survey was conducted at the end of January/beginning of February 2023 with approximately 2,000 respondents per market. The report consists of an overall overview, followed by chapters with additional analysis (e.g., attitudes toward algorithms and their impact on news) and contributions on individual countries and markets.

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  • Global CommTech Report_2
    PRovokeMedia & Purposeful Relations: Global CommTech Report 2023

    The Global CommTech Report explores how PR & communications professionals around the world think about and use communications technology. For this, an online survey was conducted between December 2022 and March 2023 with 329 PR & communications professionals from Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, North America and Latin America.

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  • HubSpot & Mynewsdesk PR Kommunikation in Deutschland
    HubSpot & Mynewsdesk: PR & Communication in Germany

    Capgemini’s study “Data-Driven Organizations” focuses on data-driven change management and the resulting added value for organizations. It will look at the current state of organizations in terms of data-driven action, its application in change management, and its impact on change success.

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  • Die Rolle der Internen Kommunikation in Zeiten von New Work
    RYZE Digital, VRM & SCM: Trend Monitor Hybrid IC 2023

    Capgemini’s study “Data-Driven Organizations” focuses on data-driven change management and the resulting added value for organizations. It will look at the current state of organizations in terms of data-driven action, its application in change management, and its impact on change success.

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  • Capgemini
    Capgemini: Data-driven organizations

    Capgemini’s study “Data-Driven Organizations” focuses on data-driven change management and the resulting added value for organizations. It will look at the current state of organizations in terms of data-driven action, its application in change management, and its impact on change success.

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  • Deloitte Tech Trends 2023
    Deloitte: Tech Trends 2023

    Deloitte’s 14th Annual Tech Trends Report examines the impact of emerging technology opportunities across sectors and geographies. It also highlights new approaches and technologies that could become the norm in the next 18 to 24 months and forecasts where trends could go in the next few decades.

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  • Rosenberger et al.- Trendstudie Schweiz 2022
    Rosenberger et al.: Trend Study Switzerland 2022

    Since 2018, the research project “Communication in the Digital Transformation”, designed as a trend study, has been conducted every two years by a ZHAW research team at the IAM Institute of Applied Media Sciences.

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  • 61f698325a4b68b79b0eaa7d_Grafik Customer-Stakeholder Journey
    Debate: Thinking about the Stakeholder Journey in European terms!

    ‍CommTech is sweeping across the Atlantic as a concept and new model for communication. With all sympathy and a bit of admiration, the idea of optimally developing all stakeholders into “fans and advocates” goes beyond the mark. The commercialization of relationships can have a dangerous effect on reputation in the end. Here is my plea for a European interpretation of CommTech in strict alignment with stakeholder interests.

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  • BCI Report
    BCI: Emergency & Crisis Communications Report

    The Business Continuity Institute has released the seventh edition of its “Emergency and Crisis Communications Report.” This is intended to help companies compare their tools, plans and processes, but also to stimulate discussion. It also provides best practices for designing and implementing crisis management plans.

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  • 63fd23f3f8555a674b1472e2_Digital-News-Project_Literaturtipp-p-500
    Reuters Institute & University of Oxford: Journalism, Media, and Technology Trends and Predictions 2023

    Based on a survey of 303 executives in 53 countries, the Digital News Project provides insight into trends and forecasts for journalism, media and technology in 2023. Here, it appears that 2023 will be the breakthrough year for AI and its application in journalism.

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  • 63d93d84bab20e9956d869ef_Edelmann-Studie
    Edelmann: Trust in Technology

    Based on data from 15,000 respondents across 15 markets in September 2022, the “Trust in Technology” Special Report analyzes how trust in the technology sector has changed. As a result, while product innovation and competence have ensured a high level of trust in recent years, this is now being jeopardized by various forces.

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  • 63d93e285c66de090f54771d_Mynewdesk
    mynewdesk: State of Nordic PR & Communication

    In an increasingly complex and unpredictable world, the importance of trusted PR and communications has never been more important. Therefore, mynewdesk’s annual report “State of Nordic PR & Communication” deals with the most important and critical topics for communication managers.

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  • 63b2aad9abde4c0141b42803_The-relevance-report
    USC: The Relevance Report 2023

    “When a story is relevant, people listen. When content is relevant, people share. When an issue is relevant, people act. When a brand’s relevant, people buy.” – Fred Cook The USC Center for Public Relations’ annual Relevance Report identifies emerging issues and forecasts topics and trends that will impact society, business and communications in the coming year.

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  • 63b2ab021e34a7789ad249a2_Telekom-Studie
    Deutsche Telekom AG: Next Communication

    Deutsche Telekom has conducted an interdisciplinary study on the topic of communication that highlights important trends from society, media and technology. What trends are shaping tomorrow’s communication? Which principles become success factors?

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  • 638f1afbc1c3ba822cdd422b_FutureReadyLesetipp
    Woerner, Weill & Sebastian: Future ready – The four pathways to capturing digital value

    MIT researchers Stephanie Woerner, Peter Weill, and Ina Sebastian have found in their years of work with executives around the world that while they knew they needed to transform their organizations, they lacked a coherent framework and common language.

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  • 638f1bdb0cb055e9e1a9b6b9_NORACommunicationsReport2022
    NORA: The Nordic Communications Report 2022

    In cooperation with the Nordic Alliance for Communication and Management (NORA), national communication associations in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway, and the European Communication Monitor series, the second Nordic Communication Reporter has been published.

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  • 635ef8c9c7a1a79a507c6691_Bild1
    Kienbaum & ada: Leadership in the Age of Technologically Assisted Decision-Making

    Who actually bears the responsibility when AI makes the decision? Kienbaum and ada answer these and other questions in their study on leadership and artificial intelligence. To do this, they surveyed both executives and professionals who have to deal with technology-assisted decision making – more than 500 people in all.

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  • Bildschirmfoto 2023-03-31 um 14.30e
    Cision: State of the Media Report 2022

    As part of the 13th State of the Media Report, Cision surveyed more than 3,800 journalists from over 2,000 newsrooms worldwide. Here, 600 of the respondents were from Germany. The study provides valuable information about the current challenges, wishes and needs of journalists and the impact of these on the cooperation with PR professionals.

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  • Bildschirmfoto 2023-03-31 um 14.30
    CIPR: The AI and Big Data Readiness Report

    AI and Big Data are increasingly integrated into our modern working lives. But how aware are PR practitioners of this development, how much knowledge do they already have and how are they facing the change? These are the questions answered by CIPR’s AI and Big Data Readiness Report. This clearly shows that PR is not as well prepared as it should be for the age of AI and Big Data, in order to take advantage of the resulting opportunities and protect itself from potential threats.

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  • 633bf09e0c8dbf9333d0153f_Unbenannt
    Althaller communication: B2B Social Media Study 2022

    The 12th edition of the study ‘Social Media in B2B Communication’ provides answers to how last year’s social media trends have developed and what future developments are on the horizon.

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  • 6316ec0a3c13ed103207fe24_WhatsApp-Image-2022-09-06-at-08.42.16
    Reuters Institute:Digital News Report 2022

    The Reuters Institute’s 11th Digital News Report includes new insights on digital news consumption from more than 93,000 online news consumers in 46 markets on 6 continents. It documents how the relationship between journalism and the public is changing.

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  • 6316eca27ebbe0f5c9cb8448_WhatsApp-Image-2022-09-06-at-08.42.25
    SCM & MPM:Trendmonitor digital IK 2022

    The School for Communication and Management (SCM) and MPM Corporate Commucation Solutions are investigating the progress of digitalization in IC, the resulting opportunities and risks, and the effects on everyday work as part of the digital internal communication (IC) trend monitor.

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  • 6316ed7e8184ba296d124e1e_WhatsApp-Image-2022-09-06-at-08.42.46
    Faktenkontor & Toluna: Social Media Atlas 2022

    Do communicators really know their target group on the Internet? This is the holy grail of online communication. The Social Media Atlas 2022 by communications consultancy Faktenkontor and market researcher Toluna provides answers to questions such as who uses social media for what purposes, what information is sought on which channels, and what activities users pursue.

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  • 62e7d1bcce78907ec7e8ecfb_SMT-Screen-1-p-800
    Hubspot & Talkwalker: Social Media Trends 2022

    The Social Media Trends Study by Hubspot and Talkwalker defines ten trends for the year 2022. One key finding: customers (still) call the shots. To survive as a brand, it is therefore essential to listen carefully and respond to the respective needs.

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  • 62e7ed05c6f1f575fa068644_ECM-2022
    European Communication Monitor 2022

    This year’s European Communication Monitor deals, among other things, with strategic issues, characteristics of excellent communication departments and, once again, the topic of CommTech. For this, 1,672 communications professionals from a wide variety of types of organizations in 43 countries were surveyed.

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  • 62c2bf43f3ac9fdb720513aa_Bildschirmfoto-2022-07-04-um-12.21.41
    Artificial intelligence as a driver of change in corporate communications 4.0?

    Already published in 2020 and just under 50 pages long, the paper is a good resource and inspiration for the advancement of the profession for many reasons. Thus, it insightfully traces the changing demands on communication that go far beyond the application of AI in corporate communications.

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  • 6294ccec17d8c77c9784ff85_EffectiveDataStorytelling
    Brent Dykes: Data Storytelling

    Brent Dykes is considered the “king” of data storytelling. With his book “Effective Data-Storytelling, published in English by Wiley in 2020, he confirms the reputation. Data storytelling only works if the ingredients: Data, narrative and visualization work neatly together.

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  • 6294cd59112c8f4819c1b992_ChiefTransformationOfficerStudy2022
    Deloitte: Chief Transformation Officer Study 2022

    eading companies see social, economic and technological upheavals as an opportunity to change themselves. Be it by driving innovation, simplifying processes or accelerating growth. Transformation is no longer seen as a discrete reaction to individual events.

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  • 627047a0a4dd2132d2add62a_Picture3
    IMWF: Excellence in Corporate Communications

    Collecting clippings and monitoring social media have long been part of the everyday work of communications experts. But to communicate successfully in the future, this is no longer enough – a solid database is necessary. Modern technologies in the field of media analysis make it possible to compile and evaluate company and brand data across the board.

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  • 6270481bd522c1834a492bc0_Picture4
    Statista: Content Marketing Trend Study 2022

    What is the status quo? Which trends and technologies are currently playing an important role? What are the goals of companies and what are the success factors to consider? These questions about content marketing are answered by the Trend Study 2022, which Statista conducted together with the Content Marketing Forum e.V. and the Content Marketing Conference.

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  • 62446a8f95d0bca3da56d4e6_FTI_Tech_Trends_2022_Cover
    Future Today Institute: Tech and Science Trends Report 2022

    The Tech and Science Trends Report by futurist Amy Webb is eagerly awaited each year. Based on scientific methods, it informs about possible scenarios of technological developments and explains the societal implications. This year’s report is dedicated to the topic of ‘Re-Perception’ – the ability to filter something new out of existing information.

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  • 62446ae16bb9240eedb695bf_Screenshot-Mobiliar-Themenhaus
    Marie-Christine Schindler: Insight into the role-based organization of a newsroom

    The newsroom concept plays an important role in many companies when it comes to organizing communication in the best possible and most efficient way. But how should the way of working within the newsroom be organized? Marie-Christine Schindler provides a possible answer to this in her latest blog post. Based on her exchange with Alice Chalupny from the Swiss Mobiliar insurance company, she describes why hierarchical structures in newsrooms reach their limits and how the change towards a role-based organization can look like.

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  • 621cded6cbb386df63553231_Screenshot-Logo-Digital-2022-Global-Report
    Digital 2022 Report

    The Digital Report is something like the bible of the digital world and provides a precise look at the development of Internet, social, e-commerce usage. The 2022 edition has just been published. For communications managers, it is an almost indispensable tool for determining the relevance of digital channels and identifying trends. The 2022 Report is a comprehensive set of numbers.

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  • 621ce14f3bdc9fc230637435_Trend-Radar-2022
    Communications Trend Radar Report 2022

    The Corona pandemic has accelerated or amplified changes in many sectors of society. This creates new opportunities, but also dangers for corporate communications. But which topics are really important?

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  • 621ce2cba4e8b1e56f3f081b_edelman_research
    Edelman Research: The Future of Corporate Communications

    Although the study was published as early as September 2021, it has so far attracted little attention in Germany. First, 10 drivers of comms change are identified and backed up with a “playbook” of what communicators* can do to respond. This makes the study valuable because it also helps translate the findings into practice.

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  • 621ce3c3bfaf235ff81c2ae3_content_tools
    Seven Content Tools for the Newsroom – Marie-Christine Schindler’s Blog

    Those faced with the task of procuring a newsroom planning tool easily get lost. This is due to the large number of different tools, their different focal points in the value chain and thus a broad feature set. You can’t be really sure until the tool has been put through its paces in an intensive test in an operational system (not a test environment). Usability as well as performance factors play a major role. For time reasons alone, a good pre-selection is important.

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  • 63fd23d63a3e874c99e2bc56_AI Tools_Literaturtipp-p-500
    CIPR: Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and the impact on public relations (PR) practices.

    CIPR’s report provides the most comprehensive overview to date of the use of AI in the PR industry. It shows that there are now 5,800 technological tools with potential applications in PR – whether in planning, measurement, reporting or management.

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